Friday, November 11, 2005

Indian women love to Suck cocks & also to be fucked in both asshole & cunt at same time

Contrary to general & common perceptions Indian women do love to suck cocks of men in India.there is a misconception that usually " decent " women or women from "good family" dont suck cocks. They are also supposed to lie on the bed quitely while their husbands fuck them.They are not supposed to react sexually or show their won sexual drive & feeling while their husbands fuck them

Some members of shared me their experiences & stated that most men were put off when they started reacting to their husbands thrusts into their cunts. They got excited so much that :in their own words "I wanted to raise my hips & slam up when my husband pulled his cock out of my pussy.he was slow & my cunt was on fire. I wanted to busk my hips up.I bit my lips & when i couldnt the slow pace of my north indian husband I just let go & screamed & started buscking my big hips up hard & fast till i came !!! "

"my husband was shocked.his cock shrivelled ! "
"whats this . he screamed at me "
"are you a randi or what ? !!!!!"
( randi means a whore)

i sobbed & asked for forgiveness.I wept all day

This story from jhansi in mumbai is a reflection of many many bedrooms in India ! men think their wives are whores is if they react sexually during sex. This is common all north indian & south indian states of india

There is an interesting epilogue to this story however !
"all this was heard by my in-laws as our house is small one.I was ashamed when i saw the looks of my mother-in-law & my father-in-law. my sas looked at me as if i was some ugly creature & my father -in-law had a strang gleam in his eyes. I want wrong in my thinking. On janmashtami when my husband took his mother to the temple, my Father-in-law moved on me.He took me by force but i didnt struggle much & by the time he was fingering my cunt i was panting in lust & anticipation....!!!!"

already my husband has accused me of being & behaving as a randi & he never touches me.My mother-in-law is encouraging him to flirt with another girl from the family, so why not I thought

" I allowed my father-in-law to carry me onto the bed & he enjoed my body with his eyes & hands through my if he read my mind he pulled his cock out & asked me to suck it.I was thrilled.It was jus what i had in mind .I loved the pungent male smell of cock, my first & then slowly i took my father-in-laws cock in my mouth & started sucking.the old man squirmed with joy.he cum in my mouth & still was ertect, i parted my legs & he climed ob me & pushed his cock into my cunt.I screamed with lust & started bucking as my father-in-law stared fucking me with his bicg cock.he loved it & we continued this for years"

Thsi story of a married & unsatisfied housewife from mumbai is similiarly repeated by many members of all over mumbai delhi kolkotta chennai bangalore pune .this has also led to increase in blue films production in kerala tamil nadu karnataka andhra pradesh uttar pradesh punjab orissa gujarat 7 chandigarh

Thursday, November 10, 2005

indian sex seeking desi women want men for fucking

Married & unsatisfied desi women from south india & North India seek decent men for sex . the women from all over india are part of a club where the members can have secret sex with men of their choice in India.

many many women have joined this as this has helped the women in india overcome their frustrating desite for having deep hard & uninhibited sex with men from india. these women have forund marriage to be hell after realising that the men they married are fat boring & disgusting & mostly love seeing blue films & having sex with callgirls & prostitutes then fucking their own wives

The men in india also have a habit of lusting after other women especially married women while they neglect & even hate to have sex with their own wives . what happens is a classic tale of unknowing unconsenting wife swapping or wife exchange in indian society

The indian husbands lusting after other friends or collegues wives try their best to get the women to bed & usually start visiting websites like to get these women under them. when they suceed they forget or dont even think that their own wives may be getting fucked by their own friends & collegues who have been lusting after his wife !!!

Many such instances have happened & continue to happen on .I have a mail from a member who had such an experience with his own family !!
this man from pune was lusting after his friends wife & after chasing her around he found her visiting the internet & got her email ids. he chatted with her & soon he was fucking this 48 year old north indian lady in her house when her husband who was a businessman was away. this went on for some time.The man was young of 28 years only & had a wife of 20 sweet young teen aged sari clad manisha. One day to his shock he & his friends wife discovered a video in his secret safe .checking this they were in for a shock.The old ladys old man was fucking the young guys young wife & even made a blue films

soon this movie appeared in chennai mumbai delhi kolkotta & bangalore.